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Furever Family Veterinary Care Center Furever Family Veterinary Care Center

Phone: (309) 281-7026 Address: Serving East Moline, IL

Comprehensive Pet Care for Your Animal Companion

Furever Family Veterinary Care Center, located in East Moline, IL, provides compassionate care for your pet. Our Fear Free℠ certified practice ensures that your animal’s visit will be as stress-free as possible. We treat dogs and cats in separate areas designed specifically to keep your pet calm during their appointment. We offer a variety of services for your dog or cat, and we are here to answer your questions about the care that we provide.

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Diagnostic Care

We use the best protocols, procedures, and technology available to assess your pet’s health and treat any conditions as quickly and efficiently as possible. We constantly review our practices to ensure that we’re providing the best care to our patients.

Woman brushing a dog's teeth

Dental Care

We offer routine preventive dental care, digital dental radiography, and advanced treatment for pets with dental disease.

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Surgical Care

We offer spay and neuter services, as well as soft tissue procedures. We do our utmost to reduce your pet’s fear and discomfort as much as possible, while restoring your pet’s health as quickly as possible.

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Pet End-of-Life Care

We take every measure possible to provide your pet’s last moments in a pain-free, dignified, peaceful way.

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Emergency Care

We offer same-day emergency care during office hours. Our full suite of equipment includes blood machines, digital x-rays, and other diagnostic tools capable of addressing your pet’s emergencies as quickly as possible.

We care about your animal companion at Furever Family Veterinary Care Center. Our compassionate, family-oriented clinic is committed to making sure that your pet’s visit is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. As our name implies, your pet is our passion.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the services that we offer.

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